Das Winterstellgut im Lammertal


Looking back


Until the 12th century there was nothing in the Lammertal except for forest. That changed when salt production began to flourish in Hallein, halfway between Lammertal and Salzburg. Because large quantities of firewood were needed, hundreds of thousands of square meters of wood were shipped to Hallein on the Lammer river. On vacant areas, the farmers plowed fields and grazed their cattle. Their farms were built high up on the pastures where they were safe from the floods of the swampy Lammer.


One of these farms was the Winterstellgut. For a long time it was a tavern, regularly visited by local Annaberg residents. Since 2004, guests from all over the world have journeyed to the Winterstellgut – sitting side by side with local Annaberg residents, for whom the Winterstellgut has remained home.


The redesign in 2004 was not easy and renovations covered the restaurant, two suites and a double room. The kitchen was moved, an open fireplace was built in the the entrance area and two tiled stoves were built in the kitchen.




Respect for the tradition

At Winterstellgut each traditional dish is created with respect for Lammertal traditions. This respect extends to hospitality, ingredients, regional suppliers as well as the ambition to process each part of the animal into a culinary delicacy.

It also refers to the historic knowledge handed down by generations of residents and is the reason why so many of the specialties, served at Winterstellgut are prepared to traditional recipes of the region.





Chef Florian Huber also upholds another tradition of the Lammertal farmers: self-sufficiency. Along with ham and bacon, jams and compotes are also made from Winterstellgut’s very own fruit and vegetables.


Salad and herbs have the shortest route from the garden bed to the plate – the lovingly cultivated farmers garden sprouts right outside the front door. If you wish, you can also experience the production of two of the region’s elementary staples: distilling schnapps and baking fresh sourdough bread.