Culinary delights

The Winterstellgut cooks and marinates, smokes and cures, braises and roasts just the way people in the Lammer Valley have always cooked and marinated, smoked and cured, braised and roasted.

Which is why all of the dishes prepared by Erwin Werlberger and his team in the Winterstellgut kitchen are made almost exclusively using locally sourced ingredients – some from the back yard, across the way in the forest or plucked and picked from the neighbouring farm.

Steinpilze+Eierschwammerl_1204Our chefs use only seasonal products, so the Winterstellgut’s dishes are based only on whatever is available at the time. And they support local farmers and hunters by using not just the finest cuts of beef, pork and venison, but respectfully using every part of the animal to create exceptional specialities.

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