Naturteich am Winterstellgut

Replenish your soul at a natural pond

Salzburg Relaxation

Take a few steps away from the estate and you’ll discover the untouched nature of the Eisenprechtötz – the sparse forest that lines the pastures around the Winterstellgut. At the edge of the forest there is a quiet natural pond with water lilies and dragonflies enjoying the cool, clear mountain water.

Oasis of calm

This natural pond is an oasis and a place of stillness and contemplation. It will be what you need it to be: for bridal couples it is an ideal photo opportunity; for house guests a cool dip in the summer; and for hikers it is a rewarding place to rest weary limbs. Many rare animals and plants also call the pond home and if you spend a little time there, you will gradually catch more and more glimpses of little visitors.