Haflinger am Winterstellgut

Stables of studs

Salzburg Excursion News

The oldest laws of hospitality in Winterstellgut concern guests with four legs. By the 16th century, stables had been built for horses which were used to carry salt from the Salzkammergut to Salzburg and for the upper class traveling from their farms to their hunting grounds. When the roads got steep, horses had trouble pulling heavy carriages so local farmers waited at these points with two or three additional horses available for a fee. As soon as it snowed and the carriage traffic came to a halt, these horses had no work and were kept here over the winter – thus the name,  "Winterstellgut" ( Winter accomodation).

The world famous Haflinger horses

With its revitalization in 2004, the Winterstellgut has once again become a home to horses and world-class Haflingers are now bred here. The horses are cared for and trained in the pastures below the house and at the training ground next to the pond, and are kept in the wooden paddocks behind the main building.

Romantic horse carriage rides

Nowadays the most romantic way to get to Winterstellgut is still by horse.
A romantic coach ride to the front door can be booked upon request in both summer and winter.