Through the ages

Up until the 12th century the Lammer Valley was nothing but forest. That all changed with the booming salt industry in Hallein, half way between the Lammer Valley and Salzburg. Because the breweries needed large amounts of firewood, hundreds of thousands of square fathoms of boiling wood were transported to Hallein via the Lammer river. The farmers cultivated the newly cleared areas or used them for cattle grazing. They built their farms high up on the alpine pastures, where they were safe from the flooding of the marshy Lammer.

One of these farms was the Winterstellgut. For many years an inn stood here, which was frequented by people from the town of Annaberg. Since 2004, the Winterstellgut has been attracting visitors from all over the world – where they can sit shoulder to shoulder with the people of Annaberg, for whom the Winterstellgut is still a home from home.

Renovation of the Winterstellgut in 2004 was a not uncomplicated undertaking: three suites and two double rooms were created above the restaurant. The kitchen was relocated to the taproom, an open fireplace was added to the entrance and two stoves to the parlours.

And where the “Liebessteig” of Annaberg once wended its way – a path trod each night by a lovesick farmer a hundred years ago to secretly meet one of the maids of the Winterstellgut –, guests can now look across the Lammer Valley from the spacious veranda.