The guest house with a passion for stud farming

_80Q0152Our four-legged guests have long since staked their claim at the Winterstellgut. Horses were kept here as far back as the 16th century. Back then, they were used to carry salt from the Salzkammergut to the Episcopal city of Salzburg and to ferry the noble people from their estates to the hunting grounds. Whenever the roads became steep, the horses had to work hard to pull the heavy carriages. And so the local farmers would wait at these points with two or three extra horses, which they would make available for a fee.

When it snowed, preventing any carriage traffic, these horses had no work. For the winter, they were put into a winter stable (Winterstellgut).

With the renovation of the Winterstellgut in 2004, the inn once again provided a home for the horses. Today, world-renowned Haflinger horses are bred here, receiving the appropriate professional care and training on the pastures below the building and in the exercise area next to the pond, and kept in the paddock behind the main building.

The romantic way to reach the Winterstellgut is also linked to horses: in both summer and winter, a romantic carriage ride to the doorstep can be arranged on request.

For more information about Tyrolean Haflinger breeding see the website of Haflingerzucht Hochreit (in German language only).